Are You Called?

Are You Called?

This is the question that brings you to this website. It is the question that won’t let you go. 

Finding the answer requires you to open your heart and dive into the work of discovering Christ's call. It is work that is well worth your while.

Here are a few resources to assist you in your discernment; though, in the end, one of the greatest aids is a conversation with a Vocations Director. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us if we can be of assistance.

Discernment Tips

There are some time tested steps you can take in your discernment ... these discernment tips will help you delve into a deeper exploration of your vocation.    


Prayer is one of the greatest resources in discernment - drawing you into a deeper relationship with Christ. Enjoy our introduction to several forms of prayer that can be helpful in your discernment.  


The many distractions of life can make God's call difficult to hear. Retreats with Holy Cross offer opportunities to step out of day to day life in order to spend time in prayer and reflection, as well as learn more about the community.

Questions for Reflection

Seeds of your vocation are already planted in your heart. Spending time reflecting on your own thoughts with our guided reflection can help to bring those seeds to life.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions that come along with the discernment process. In this FAQ section, we answer some of the questions that most often come up with regard to formation in Holy Cross. 

Vocation Stories

Sometimes, one of the most helpful resources for discovering your vocation is the story of how someone else discovered theirs. See if these stories of Holy Cross Religious are of help to your discernment.

The Making of Me on the Road to Emmaus

Before I had even begun to understand all that had happened, the Holy Cross-Stonehill community was there by my side. The community assessed our needs and offered support of all kinds.

Journey to Uganda

Two members of the Wolohan family witness joy and challenges in East Africa, and realize — in terms of spirituality — we are all children of the same God, a God that loves us all equally.

Furthering Formation

The prompting of the Holy Spirit, along with their faithful stewardship, brought Joe and Barbara closer to Holy Cross in creating a legacy to serve Holy Cross and the Church for generations to follow.

From the Blog

What Happened Along the Way?

The unforeseen happenings of our lives seem to be experiences we remember most vividly, most fondly, most accurately. These unintended journeys along the way can be characterized by humor and sorrow, can be transformational ...


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