Bangladeshi Tribal Schools Receive New Computers

The Congregation of Holy Cross first came to serve in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) in 1853. Since then, the Holy Cross priests and brothers have established primary schools, high schools, and colleges across the country. The St. Joseph Province of Brothers is currently running 24 educational ministries in 8 dioceses, most of which are located in rural Bangladesh. With only a few schools self-supported, many rely on subsidies and donations to cover operating expenses, including teacher salaries, leaving a gap in funding for necessary lab facilities, equipment, and school supplies.

Through the generosity of benefactors, the Holy Cross Mission Center was able to fund 30 new computers and 4 new photocopy machines for 6 tribal schools that collectively serve 4,666 students. As one student shared, “My father is a cobbler, and I don’t have a computer at home. Now, I am so happy and delighted because my school has lab facilities. Now, I know how to write in Microsoft Word.”

These new computer lab facilities are creating a positive impact in the lives of the students as they continue to develop their digital skill set. With many students coming from ethnic and Catholic backgrounds–a double minority in Bangladesh–a Holy Cross education provides them with the foundational skills necessary to contribute toward the welfare of their families and to the development of the country upon completion of their studies.

Published: October 11, 2023

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