Family Theater Productions Focuses on Families.

Angelus Film Festival

Family Theater Productions, founded in 1947 by Father Patrick Peyton, C.S.C., serves families using mass media to entertain, inspire, and educate families. Recently, the ministry announced that they are refocusing their resources to better position their mission in their service to families. The significant change in the organization’s mission will be the transitioning of the Angelus Student Film Festival to new sponsors.

“This has been a difficult decision as we’ve had great impact and success with Angelus,” said Rev. Willy Raymond, C.S.C., national director of Family Theater Productions. “We’re proud of the mission activities that have been accomplished with Angelus and hope we can transition Angelus to another organization that can serve young filmmakers as they begin their careers.”

Family Theater Productions is seeking an organization that will not only manage Angelus, but will have the resources to grow the festival.

“Angelus, an ancillary activity of our ministry, has grown so large that it’s taken up more and more of our financial and staffing resources. While in most cases that would be a benefit, it’s a challenge for us as it has taken resources away from our core mission activities directly serving families,” said Fr. Raymond.

Angelus was founded in 1996 by Family Theater Productions to honor and showcase future filmmakers as they create works that respect the dignity of the human person. Angelus winning films reflect themes such as redemption, dignity, equality, hope, triumph of the human spirit and spirituality. In 2010 the festival received 527 entries in drama, documentary and animation categories. The filmmakers represented 180 film schools in 30 countries.

Family Theater Productions, founded in 1947 by the late Holy Cross Father Patrick Peyton, continues to produce award-winning, English- and Spanish-language radio and TV dramas and documentaries to entertain, inspire and educate families. Family Theater’s famous slogan, “The family that prays together stays together,” was written for its initial dramatic, network radio series in 1947. Family Theater Productions is a member of Holy Cross Family Ministries.

Holy Cross Family Ministries promotes and supports the spiritual well-being of families in 17 countries. Family Rosary encourages family prayer, especially the Rosary. Holy Cross Family Ministries is sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

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