Ganguly Exchange 2024: Moreau’s Men in Formation Depart for International Ministry Placements

Please join us in prayer for the 6 Holy Cross men in formation at Moreau Seminary who depart this week for their Ganguly Exchange experiences at Holy Cross’s missions in Peru, Mexico, Bangladesh, and Kenya:

Mr. Andrew Copp, C.S.C.
Br. Jacob Gorman, C.S.C.
Mr. Christopher Mulholland, C.S.C.
Mr. Edwin Donnelly, C.S.C.
Mr. Timothy Wymore, C.S.C.
Mr. Robert Weltner, C.S.C.

Historically, the Holy Cross Mission Center (HCMC) has partnered with the Moreau Seminary Formation Team to facilitate international summer ministry experiences for the U.S. Province’s 2nd- and 3rd-year temporarily professed men in formation. Their eight-week ministry experiences at international Holy Cross mission sites are opportunities that strengthen the Congregation’s international bonds, increase the men’s intercultural competencies, and prepare men in formation for their lifetime of ministry. We are pleased this year to give a name to this program that draws upon the Congregation’s long standing missionary history and identity: the Ganguly Exchange.

Since the Congregation’s founding, missionary zeal has guided Holy Cross’s ministries. Long before he was a Servant of God or even a Holy Cross priest, Theotonius Ganguly was himself a beneficiary of those missionary endeavors. His childhood faith formation took place at Holy Rosary Church in Hashnabad, Bangladesh, and continued at Bandura High School & College run by Holy Cross brothers. Following God’s call, he became a diocesan priest in Bangladesh before making his way to the University of Notre Dame, where he completed his Master’s Degree and Doctorate. The Holy Cross community in Indiana welcomed him, and after considerable discernment during his studies, Ganguly professed First Vows on August 16, 1952, in Jordan, Minnesota. From there, he returned to his home country to serve as an educator, administrator, and, eventually, Archbishop of Dhaka. Surely his experience of Holy Cross communities on different continents only clarified his discernment to join the Congregation and live out its missionary zeal. For this reason, Servant of God Theotonius Ganguly (C.S.C.) is a fitting namesake for the Ganguly Exchange.

Pictured Below:

Andrew Copp, C.S.C. – Bangladesh
Br. Jacob Gorman, C.S.C. – Bangladesh
Christopher Mulholland, C.S.C. – Peru
Edwin Donnelly, C.S.C., on left – Monterrey, Mexico
Timothy Wymore, C.S.C., on left – Monterrey, Mexico
Robert Weltner, C.S.C., third from left – Kenya

Published: May 27, 2024

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