Hope for the Future in Mexico

Continuing our week on the Spes Unica Blog exploring our mission in México, we hear today from the soon-to-be newest finally professed member of our community there. On March 19, the Feast of St. Joseph, Mr. Jorge Armando Morales, C.S.C., will profess forever the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Today he shares the hope he sees for the future in our work in his native land.

Mr Jorge Armando Morales, CSC

I am Jorge Armando Morales, C.S.C., from México. I am a professed seminarian in my third year of temporary vows. Right now I am preparing to profess perpetual vows in the Congregation. I can honestly say that my experience in Holy Cross has been one of the best things that has happened in my life. I have grown in my character and values, primarily through service to others.

This feature of our Holy Cross community around the world, our lives of service, is what forms and unites us as a family. In my experiences of our international family of Holy Cross, I have witnessed men of different cultures, races, languages and nationalities – all with the same heart and the same charism.

I see a hopeful future for Holy Cross in México, one that is very positive. I believe that each of us who form this community has our own unique talents and strengths, and yet we all desire to serve with all our energy and with all our heart. This applies across all the many ministries we have here in México.

Mr Jorge Armando Morales, CSC

Even as a relatively young community, I see men in Holy Cross here putting themselves at the service of others like so many of our other brothers have done before us. Like them, we too are ready to leave our mark on the ministries that we have formed and we are dreaming of starting up, especially in those places where we can serve those in most need and be men with hope to bring so that God might be known, loved and served.

In the apostolates that we currently have, like our parishes and Family Rosary, we members of Holy Cross in México merely add a grain of sand, a small contribution … helping those who are handicapped, catechizing and evangelizing families, serving with the charism that makes us disciples of the Lord. Truly it is the community acting together that can put these grains in the hand of the Lord and make something wonderful.

The future that I believe will come about will extend our presence with apostolates in more places, with schools, retreat houses and mission centers all to serve many more people who yearn for God’s word and presence and who joyfully wait to welcome us.

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