I was Hungry and You Gave Me Food

With a low vaccination rate (less than 3 percent) due to a vaccine shortage, Bangladesh is currently facing its third Covid-19 wave due to a surge of new cases, mostly attributed to the Delta variant. With this comes lockdowns, deaths, economic hardship, and suffering.

The Holy Cross Brothers in the St. Joseph Province have been a long-time friend of the poor, particularly for the historically underserved, underrepresented, and oppressed. This is especially true during times of natural calamity and crisis.

On July 16, the St. Joseph Province, in collaboration with St. Joseph Higher Secondary School in Dhaka, organized a Covid-19 relief program for the needy and economically vulnerable. The local religious and school community, including Br. Subal Rozario, C.S.C., Provincial, distributed bags of food supplies and other necessities to local families, who were especially grateful to have this relief before their Eid Festival.

The brothers express thanks to their friends, benefactors, and well-wishers who contributed to this campaign.

According to experts, if vaccinations are not readily available to poor countries, such as Bangladesh, there will be future waves of Covid-19 with more infections, more mutations, and more variants. Please pray that government leaders will find a way to ensure fair and equitable vaccine distribution to developing countries around the world.

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