Johnson Family Hall Lenten Mission Awareness Project

Our mission is the Lord’s and so is the strength for it. We turn to Him in prayer
that He will clasp us more firmly to Himself and use our hands and wits to do the work
that only He can do. Then
our work itself becomes a prayer: a service that speaks
to the Lord who works through us.

Holy Cross Constitutions 2:20

This Lenten season, join the University of Notre Dame’s Johnson Family Hall and the Holy Cross Mission Center in supporting the empowerment and advancement of young women in Bangladesh. They are orphaned girls who have grown up and completed the years of compulsory education, and this offers further education (along with housing and food) for them to become educated in health care related fields and education. This program changes the trajectories of these young women’s lives, because without it, they would be destined to return to their villages, live lives of domestic work and begin having children at a young age. The annual cost per woman is $3,000-6,000, which covers tuition, housing, and food for them. In a country and culture where it is a steep challenge for women – and/or – the poor to succeed, these girls, who are primarily from Holy Cross parishes throughout the country, are able to become self-sufficient and independent, while pursuing a career, all within the networks of what they have known in Holy Cross parishes and schools. There are currently 25 women in the project, and we hope to grow that number each year.

Ways to Give

Make checks or money orders payable to “Holy Cross Mission Center” and write “St. Marianne Cope Young Women’s Education Project” in the memo line. Checks/money orders may be mailed to:

St. Marianne Cope Young Women’s Education Project
Holy Cross Mission Center
P.O. Box 543
Notre Dame, IN 46556


Donate via the form below.

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