Lakeview School Kicks Off New Session With Faculty Housing and Holy Cross Week

On February 17, 2023, Rev. Oswald Nkyanungi, C.S.C., the parish priest of Bugembe Parish, Uganda, blessed the newly built Br. John Flood C.S.C. House at Holy Cross Lake View school. Br. John, staff members, and other Holy Cross priests and brothers were also in attendance.

The new quarters will house some Holy Cross priests and brothers serving in the school, including the head teacher, his deputy, and the Campus Ministry director. The community is very grateful that this project, which has been under construction for quite some time, is complete.

“We thank God and the Congregation of Holy Cross for this gift and in appreciation for Br. John’s tireless, humble service, whose legacy in the school will be remembered forever,” concludes Rev. Dennis Lule, C.S.C.

The new school session kicked off right after the Br. John Flood House blessing. The students celebrated Holy Cross Week. The first day featured a visit from Br. Mugabo Patrick, C.S.C., the assistant provincial. During the day, he shared with the students his call of a vocation to the brotherhood of Holy Cross.

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