“Like a mighty tree” Holy Cross Continues to Grow in East Africa

One of the more joyous moments from this year’s Chapter meeting was when the recommendation for the District of East Africa to become a province was unanimously approved. The passing of the recommendation will be relayed to the General Chapter in 2022, at which time, if approved, the District will become a Province of Holy Cross. The Congregation of Holy Cross, District of East Africa, continues to attract many vocations to religious life. It is a blessing for which the District of East Africa is grateful to God.

Proof of the continued growth of Holy Cross in the region is witnessed by the ten young men who recently professed their first vows in the Congregation of Holy Cross on July 16. The profession of vows took place at the Holy Cross Novitiate, Lake Saaka in Fort Portal. Drawn from the three East African countries of Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania, their vows were received by Rev. Cyprian Binaka, C.S.C., the superior of the Congregation of Holy Cross in East Africa. Preaching on the call of Samuel in the bible, Fr. Binaka stressed how rare it was, at that time, to receive visions and messages from God. He also noted that just as Samuel was called to bring the vision and the message of God to the Israelites, so are the ten newly professed being called to bring the message of God to the world.

The newly professed are:

Mr. Enock Gabiro, C.S.C., Kampala Archdiocese, Mr. Philbert Mugabe, C.S.C., Fort Portal diocese, Mr. Richard Birungi Sekasanke, C.S.C., from Hoima diocese, Mr. Victor Akampa, C.S.C., Mbarara Archdiocese, Mr. Andrew Ajuna, C.S.C., from Fort Portal diocese, Mr. Deus Tayebwa, C.S.C., from Hoima diocese, Mr. Paul Kilian Bajuta, C.S.C., from Mbulu diocese, Mr. Issack Makere, C.S.C., from Sumbawanga diocese in Tanzania, Mr. Noah Masiga, C.S.C., from Bungoma Kenya and Br. Francis Asaba, C.S.C., from Hoima diocese.

All of the formation houses are currently filled with young men attracted to the Holy Cross way of life. Many of the vocations in the District of East Africa attribute their commitment to Holy Cross to the various and vibrant ministries the Congregation runs in the region. Holy Cross is present in parishes, schools, healthcare, media, popular missions, and social work. Zeal marks the Holy Cross approach to ministry throughout East Africa.

As the Church grows in Africa, the prophetic words of Blessed Basil Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross, are coming to fulfillment,

“Holy Cross will grow like a mighty tree and constantly shoot forth new limbs whose branches will produce yet others, all nourished from the same sap and endowed with the same life.” Moreau – Circular Letter 65

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