Lima Mission Yancana Huasy Continues to Aid Children in Need

Yancana Huasy provides services for children/young people with disabilities in a highly impoverished area near Lima, Peru, called Canto Grande. The Congregation of Holy Cross has served in this area since 1975. It is a hallmark project of the District of Peru.

The program is dedicated to children born into situations of extreme poverty who have significant physical or mental disabilities. Not only does the program help the children, but the staff also works with the mother or caregiver to teach them ways to care for their children.

This allows the parents to come to see their children as the gifts that they are, even with the challenges they have.

The services that Yancana Huasy provides the children allow them to develop mentally, physically, spiritually, and achieve their maximum potential. Besides the physical care, vocational classes and projects are established so the older children and young adults can learn trades, crafts, or find ways to continue learning and developing. Through all of this, a great sense of community is created.

Funds raised for this project support the goals of Yancana Huasy to bring their staff and services to the furthest regions of this sector within a parish of 300,000 people. The goal is to reach out to everyone who might have babies or children with such needs and provide them with assistance. It will also help bring the children to the Center of Yancana Huasy for their treatments and therapy.

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