Mission Center – East Africa

Areas of Greatest Need

  • Br. Andre Medical Center, Dandora/Nairobi, Kenya

    New clinic for pre-natal care and birthing rooms and infant care to the children of Dandora. Opened in March 2017, with its first birth to a woman from the Parish, this Center will change the lives and health of women and children for generations. All donations and funds received will be for supplies needed at the Center to continue to best serve the women during their pregnancies or in the first few months after the birth of their child.

  • St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Mwanza, Tanzania

    This parish, a new parish to Holy Cross, has started a kindergarten to bring the initial years of education to the children of the parish. The first year had 70 students enrolled. In any new school setting there are so many needs to provide for the classrooms, learning materials and activities and financial support for the families to afford the education. Donations of all amounts will cover individual costs, or overall classroom and learning expenses. This is a most worthy project as we continue to look forward to expanding the possibilities of Holy Cross education across the world.

  • Sacred Heart of Jesus, Sombetini Parish Clinic, Arusha, Tanzania, Patrick Peyton Health Center

    Holy Cross has been serving at this parish in Arusha, Tanzania for approximately 4 years. It is gradually becoming the center of our mission in Tanzania, due to its location with the other ministries, and its access to the routes via land and water (Lake Victoria) to Uganda and Kenya.

    Their hope is to start a significant clinic for health care services in the parish. As the Church was built, the people started to move closer and build homes, causing this area to grow. This clinic serves their basic medical needs and will hopefully one day expand into a hospital, offering full services to the people of Sombetini Parish.

    We hope to continue to raise funds to help meet the costs of health screenings, basic medical supplies, and to also support the nurses who servethe patients. This is a long-term project to support the people of the Holy Cross parish community in Sombetini, Arusha, Tanzania.

  • Holy Cross Parish, Bugembe/Jinja, Uganda, HIV Support for Women and Children

    The Holy Cross Parish in Bugembe, Jinja, Uganda offers assistance for individuals with HIV. At the cost of $400 per week, medical staff and social workers visit those with the disease, mostly women and children, bringing much needed medicines and social services. Regular support groups and other activities are available to assist those who are now living longer. There are also fewer orphan children due to the success of the clinic in the parish. Through multiple donors, we are striving to support this project’s annual cost of $20,000. This is a great project to support for one or two weeks, or whatever can be raised to bring this assistance to the people of Holy Cross Parish.

  • St. Joseph Hill Secondary School, Kyarusozi and Fort Portal areas, Uganda, Science Laboratory

    The academic quality of St. Joe Hill School has increased exponentially in the last three years. They are ranked in the top 2 schools in their District / Region, and the scores of the students have increased in every area. To have competitive and challenging science programs will open the doors for much more opportunity for advanced studies and career options for the students and graduates of St. Joe Hill School. The state-of-the-art science labs will serve as the learning environment for future leaders in science and research in Uganda, among alumni of Saint Joseph Hill School

    Currently, there are small rooms serving as laboratories built 20 years ago with the capacity of holding 15-20 students per session, as others must wait. Numbers are growing in Senior Two and Three (80 students in Senior Three and 140 in Senior Two). Currently the labs are combined as follows: Biology and chemistry, Physics and Agriculture. The labs need to be separated to two buildings with two separate rooms each holding at least 50 students per session.

    The Government of Uganda has made sciences compulsory to all students. All private secondary schools are urged to have facilities in place. Laboratories will encourage the practical side of science subjects, and a hands-on approach.

    The Architect has been asked to come up with drawings, which will give a concrete idea about the actual cost. Tentatively, it is anticipated that each building will cost about $140,000. The goal is to establish two labs.

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