NCYC and Advent’s “Already, but not Yet”

Last week, some of the seminarians and postulants traveled to the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana. To say that thousands of high school students gathered for a convention is an understatement. In reality, it was absolute celebration of faith with hands-on activities, engaging presentations, and joyful liturgy. While there, we talked with a number of students from around the country and told them about the Congregation of Holy Cross. In addition to distributing St. Andre Bessette prayer cards and “cross and anchor” temporary tattoos, we shared some of the reasons we love Holy Cross.

NCYC 2013 Liturgy

As we were waiting for Mass to begin at the conclusion of our day at NCYC, we had the great opportunity to talk with a group of religious sisters. After a brief conversation, one of the sisters said, “It was wonderful to meet you. We’ll talk again in heaven.” As Sister walked away, I stood overwhelmed by the beauty of her statement. I had only known this woman for a few moments, yet her words have profoundly affected my thought and prayer since then.

As Christians, we are a Resurrection people. We live each day in the joy of Christ’s victory over death. I know that life and love always win, but sometimes it is easy for this to move from the forefront of my mind. Our world is filled with systems of oppression and injustice. Poverty is prevalent and violence seems unending. Kindness often falls to selfishness. But this is not the end.


This sister reminded me that we wait for something more. While we try to live as Christ now, we wait for the day when we will live in the joy of the Resurrection, because the Kingdom is both here and not yet. We wait for the day when Christ’s light completely vanquishes all darkness, and all are made whole in Him. We wait and hope for reunion with our family and friends who have gone before us, and the chance to continue the conversations that have been temporarily interrupted.

Mr John Kyler

John Kyler is a Postulant at Moreau Seminary and studied as an undergraduate at Notre Dame. After graduation he served as a Campus Ministry Intern there for one year before joining the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) master’s program. He is originally from Evergreen Park, Illinois.

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