St. Joseph’s Hill Renovates Old Dormitories

St. Joseph’s Hill Senior Secondary School (SJHSS) educates 545 students in the rural area of Kyarusozi, Uganda. This past year, SJHSS celebrated the opening of a new boys’ dormitory and a new girls’ dormitory, bringing the campus to a boarding capacity of 600 students. With the increased capacity, it was now time to renovate the original girls’ and boys’ dormitories to bring them up to the same standard as the new dormitories for the students (pictures below).

Repairs on the old dormitories began on December 3, 2023, immediately after the close of the school year. A crew of fifty contractors and technicians were employed to repair the roof, ceiling, floors, electrical, external works, painting and drainage in time for the start of the new school year on February 4, 2024.

As a result of these renovations, all dormitories at SJHSS are now on the same level of beauty, cleanliness, and organization for the students. Students who were housed in the old dormitories prior to the renovation are extremely happy and were surprised to find the dormitories with a new look upon their return to campus for the new school year.

Due to the new and improved facilities over the past year and strong academic performance of its students, St. Joseph’s Hill is now ranked #449 out of 3,350 secondary schools in Uganda assessed by the Ministry of Education and Sports. The new school year beginning in February 2024 saw an enrollment of 150 students for its Senior One class (equivalent to freshman year in the United States) – an increase of 83 students from the previous academic year!

Headteacher Br. Joe Kaganda, C.S.C., and the students extend their heartfelt gratitude to the many benefactors who continue to support St. Joseph’s Hill and have helped the school become what it is today. Many thanks for your continued generosity!

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Published: March 4, 2024

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