Twinning Program Year in Review: 2023-2024

The Holy Cross Mission Center is thrilled to celebrate the incredible achievements of our 2023-24 Twinning Partners in the U.S. Your dedication and generosity have made a profound impact this year, raising over $51,000 to support various Holy Cross ministries worldwide. On average, each U.S.-based Twinning partner raised over $5,680 for their Twinning partner, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to helping communities in need. With the HCMC’s $10,000 Bricklayer’s Matching Grant applying to seven of this year’s Twinning fundraising efforts, the Holy Cross Mission Center is pleased to provide an additional $14,600 for the various Twinning partners. To all who contributed, your compassion and support are deeply appreciated!

We must give a special thanks to Fr. Jean-Vital Blaise, C.S.C., who visited St. Joseph Grade School on behalf of their Twinning Partner, Mary Immaculate Catholic Church and School in Haiti. While there, Fr. Blaise presented in the gymnasium and introduced students to the “Our Father” in his native Haitian Creole. Thank you, Fr. Blaise! We hope to see more such opportunities for in-person encounters in the years to come! 

As we look ahead, we are excited to announce that 10 additional Holy Cross ministries in Bangladesh, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Tanzania, and Uganda are eagerly awaiting a U.S. Twinning partner. They include healthcare facilities, women’s empowerment groups, parishes, preschools, grade schools, and high schools. This presents a fantastic opportunity for your organization to encounter and support another Holy Cross community, enriching both your own community and the lives of those you will assist.

Twinning with Holy Cross ministries offers a unique chance to build meaningful connections and make a tangible difference. Through prayer, fundraising, and encounter opportunities, you can help meet critical needs and foster lasting Holy Cross relationships across borders.

To learn more about how your organization can Twin with a Holy Cross ministry, email us at with times you are available to meet. Together, let’s continue strengthening the bonds of Holy Cross around the globe.

Thank you once again to all our Twinning Partners around the globe for your dedication throughout the 2023-24 year. To use the language of the Congregation’s Constitutions, we hope that 2024-25 will bring more opportunities for you to live as both servants and neighbors through Twinning!

Published: July 2, 2024

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