As the seasons change, we move out of the darkness of winter, a time of sadness for some. This same darkness can be felt worldwide by those experiencing poverty, illness, and war. The epidemic of loneliness is having a devastating impact such as depression, anxiety, and even death. Through our work, the Congregation combats this plague by being a beacon of hope and light.

At Moreau Seminary, our men are studying to bring Christ’s light to the world as educators, pastors, and missionaries. Holy Cross House, our home for elder and infirmed priests and brothers, continues their work bringing the hope of the Gospel through dedication to prayer, including prayers for you and our world. The Holy Cross Mission Center brings hope to communities in need worldwide. Through efforts in Yancana Huasy in Lima, Peru, physically and mentally disabled children and their families get assistance. They are no longer isolated because of stigma or immobility. Around the globe and through the ages, the Congregation is a beacon of hope and light.

All these efforts to make God known, loved, and served in our schools, parishes, and ministries are a result of generous donors who share in our vision and mission. Fr. Drew Clary, C.S.C., abandoned his plan to become a lawyer and joined the Congregation to bring Christ’s light as an educator in the faith. We encourage you to watch the video on Fr. Drew and prayerfully consider the impact you will make this Easter season with a gift to help with this important work. Together, we will continue to be beacons of Easter light to a world in great need of what we have to give.