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Each year, priests and brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross make Christ known, loved, and served in 16 countries around the world. They live out the missionary vision of Blessed Basil Moreau, the Congregation’s founder, through their ministries in primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, technical schools, women’s educational programs, seminaries and houses of formation, hospitals and pharmacies, family formation ministries, food pantries, and countless parishes. Wherever Holy Cross priests and brothers go, they go as “educators in the faith,” sharing the Gospel with their words and witnesses.

Your support for this year’s Holy Cross Mission Appeal will go far. It will help mothers in Nairobi receive prenatal healthcare, children of Bangladeshi tea laborers receive educational scholarships, parents at Yancana Huasy in Peru support their children with special needs, and so many other life-giving causes

Thank you for supporting this year’s Holy Cross Mission Appeal!

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