Get Involved!

Get Involved!

Thank you for you interest in the Holy Cross Mission Center. On this page you will find different ways that you can offer your financial assistance. Your support can literally change lives.

One Time Gift

A one-time gift allows you to give a gift to help in a crisis, or just to provide a little extra assistance.

Monthly Recurring Gift

A recurring monthly gift helps you set up regular donations each month. It makes helping the Mission Center convenient and worry-free.

Planned Giving

Would you like to include the Holy Cross Mission Center in your estate planning? Follow this link to learn how to include the Holy Cross Mission Center.

The Gift of a Donation

Would you like to give a gift on behalf of a friend or loved one? We can help. Our office can print and send to you a lovely certificate that could be given as a gift to let your loved one know that you made a donation in their honor.