Mission Center Projects

Mission Center Projects

One of the benefits of having missionaries on the ground is the ability to provide help to those who need it most, when they need it most. Most of the time this help comes in the form of providing day-to-day assistance to the people in the form of education, parish ministry and service to the poor.

As in the life of every nation however, there are times when the need becomes more dire due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires or flooding. Because we live with the people that we serve, we understand their needs - they are our needs too! If God is calling you to help, you can count on us to make sure that your gift reaches the person that you felt called to assist.

Make a One Time Gift

Peru Flooding Relief Fund

Coastal flooding in Peru has caused injuries and death to more than 100,000 people. There has also been massive damage to roads and infrastructure.

Lake View Secondary School

Perhaps the greatest need in Africa is education. Students need a safe place where they can recieve instruction and nourishment, both physical and spiritual. The Lake View Secondary School project is well on its way to becoming a reality, but there is still much more to be done.

Father Robert T. Hesse Memorial Fund Scholarship

Rev. Robert T. Hesse, C.S.C., was a pioneer in the African missions. Today the Robert T. Hesse Memorial Scholarship Fund continues to provide academically gifted, but impoverished children in East Africa a pathway to an education.

Greatest Need for the Mission Center

If you prefer to make a general donation, we can assess where you gift would make the greatest impact at any given time.