For Parents

For Parents

All parents want good things for their children. When children are small, the main goal is to make sure kids stay safe and healthy. But, sometimes quite suddenly we find ourselves trying to help children make some grown up decisions; decisions like where will they go to college, and what they would like to do as a profession. These can be nerve-wracking times in the life of a parent, because we know that these early decisions can shape the rest of a child's life.

It could be that your son showed an interest in the priesthood or religious life as a child. He may have imitated his parish priest in the games he played from his earliest years. Or, his interest in the priesthood may come as a complete shock to you, and you may wonder where in the world he got the idea! In both cases, you, as a parent, may be feeling a variety of strong emotions, both positive and negative, about the possibility of your son becoming a priest or a religious brother.

In order to help you we would like to share links to a few resources that address common concerns of parents of men considering the priesthood:

If your son is in high school, you may consider attending a Come and See weekend with him. The Come and See program includes special activities for parents, including a talk and a question and answer session with parents of a Holy Cross priest. We invite you to stay for a few days at Moreau Seminary, and get a closer look at what your son would experience in our formation program.

In this article from CHOICES, Mr. and Mrs. Strach, parents of Fr. Dennis Strach, C.S.C., describe how they felt when they saw Fr. Dennis interacting with the Holy Cross community. They knew he had found the family that they had always wanted for him.

This second article was written by Fr. Matt Hovde, C.S.C., and it describes how Holy Cross became a second family to his parents when his grandfather passed away.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) website also has some resources for parents of prospective priests and religious.

Finally, feel free to contact us. We'd be happy to answer questions about our admissions criteria, the possibility of planning a visit to the seminary, or the formation process.