Ethan Kelley, C.S.C.

Temporarily Professed Seminarian


Hometown: Olean, NY

Year in Formation: Temporarily Professed – 2nd Year in Vows

High School: Olean High School (Olean, NY) 2015

College: The George Washington University (Washington, DC), 2019

College Major: International Affairs

Previous Jobs: International Paralegal

Patron Saint: Saint Thomas More – I often associate St. Thomas More with honesty and integrity, two values I strive to possess in everything I do.

Favorite Movie: Death on the Nile

Favorite Book: A Gentleman in Moscowby Amor Towles

Favorite Music: Celtic Woman, Koen Wauters, Daniel O’Donnell

Hobbies: Running, reading, European history

Favorite Way to Pray: Liturgy of the Hours, Rosary

Favorite Devotion: Novena to Our Lady of Knock, Rosary

Ways that you resonate with the Holy Cross charism, “Educators in the Faith”: Education has always been a way to better myself and my understanding of the faith. My faith began to flourish when I began to better understand it, and I think its important to provide others the opportunity to have a similar experience.

One aspect of Holy Cross spirituality that speaks to you the most and why: The importance of educating and being an educator in everything one does. Many people want answers about our faith, and the way to provide those answers is through education.

Favorite Verse: “And behold, I am with you always, until the end of the age.” – Matthew 28:20

Favorite Quote: “My heart is restless Oh Lord, until it rests in thee.” – St. Augustine

Favorite Bl. Basil or St. André Quote: “It is God’s hand which has guided everything, and it is God whom we must thank above all.” -Blessed Basil Moreau

How can visitors to this page pray for you? Pray that I may continue to listen to God’s call with an expansive heart.