International Ministries

International Ministries

The work of Holy Cross, which began in education and parish ministry, quickly expanded to include international missions. Within a few short years of founding the Congregation, Fr. Basil Moreau, C.S.C., sent his priests, brothers, and sisters out into the world. The first group of missionaries left France for Algeria to establish a seminary and to direct schools in 1840 – just three years after the Congregation’s founding. Missions to the United States, Canada, Poland, Italy, and Bengal (now Bangladesh) quickly followed.

The goal was not to remain there as missionaries forever, but to build up the local church so that leadership developed from within. Over time, people in former mission territories became missionaries themselves, traveling to other countries in need of evangelization.

In this way, The United States Province continues the directive of our founder to reach “across borders of every sort” to make “God known, loved and served.” Internationally, the United States Province is serving the people of God in its three districts: Chile, East Africa, Perú, along with the Region of México.

Watch a video of how the U.S. Province’s commitment to foreign ministries sends across all borders.

District of Chile

The District of Chile is the longest-running mission still overseen by the United States Province.

District of East Africa

Holy Cross’ District of East Africa is in the countries of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

District of Perú

The District of Perú has its beginnings in providing pastoral care to the field hands and factory workers of a sugar hacienda.

Region of México

The Region of México is the newest mission of the United States Province.