Bengal Bouts Funds Serve Education in Bangladesh

Rev. George K. Rozario, C.S.C., provincial superior of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Province, Dhaka, Bangladesh, reports that approximately 60%, or 80,000 USD, of the funds raised from the University of Notre Dame’s Bengal Bouts boxing event was distributed for educational purposes in 10 indigenous parishes in the four dioceses in Bangladesh.

The money was spent for education and tuition fees for the students as well as for student’s school materials, food and lodging, medical support, and salaries of the teachers and hostel workers.

Fr. Rozario concludes, “We greatly appreciate your generosity and concern for the apostolates of our Province, especially for the indigenous people and Adivasi parishes. It makes a tremendous difference in their lives. I look forward to this relationship continuing for the common good of these people and students for a long time.”

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