Brothers 200th Anniversary

Br. Thomas Giumenta, C.S.C.

When he began high school, Br. Tom had no plans on entering religious life. Yet in his senior year, a feeling that he was being called to more began to creep in. Following that call to “something more” made all the difference. It led him to a life of unexpected happiness that has made him glad that he did not try to hide from God’s call.

Br. James Henke, C.S.C.

Br. James Henke, C.S.C., knew that he wanted to give his life to the Lord in a radical way. Since he entered formation, he found that the dreams that drew him into Holy Cross have blossomed into a real-life community full of brotherhood and opportunities to serve the Lord in all sorts of unique and beautiful ways.

With the support of the Consecrated Life Commission, and additional help from Br. Joel Giallanza (MP), Br. George Klawitter (MW), andFr. Andrew Gawrych (US), we are pleased to announce that a comprehensive resource page for this jubilee year has been added to the Holy Cross congregational website at

Here you can find anniversary logos in four languages, historical information regarding the Brothers of Saint Joseph and Father Dujarié, a bibliographyphoto galleriesprayerstalks and papers on Father Dujarie and the Brothers of Saint Joseph, an original play written by Br. George Klawitter, and past Circular Letters of our Superiors General. 

We are especially delighted to present a brief documentary film commemorating the 200th anniversary written and directed by filmmaker, Br. Nich Perez (MP).

Titled “The Foundation,” the film features footage from Ruillé and Le Mans, with commentary by Fr. Robert Epping, Br. Paul Bednarczyk, Br. Ripon J. Gomes, Fr. John Connelly (US), Br. George Klawitter (MW), and Br. Joel Giallanza (MP). Although filmed in English, versions with subtitles in French, Spanish, and Portuguese are also available and may be accessed here:

English: The Foundation –

French: La Fondation –

Portuguese: A Fundação –

Spanish: La Fundación –

The General Administration extends its gratitude to the Moreau and Midwest Provinces for their generous sponsorship of this project. We encourage all jurisdictions to use this film both in community and in their ministries.

As we remember this year our earlier brother ancestors in Holy Cross, let us continue to pray for vocations to the Congregation of Holy Cross, and in particular, to religious brotherhood.

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