Catholic Stance on Stem Cells Not as Simple as Portrayed

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Are all forms of stem cell research a moral issue for Catholics?

Rev. Thomas P. Gariepy, C.S.C., professor and chair of the Department of Healthcare Administration at Stonehill College, explains the ethical differences between adult and embryonic stem cell research in the fall issue of “Pillars” in his article titled “Where the Church stands on stem cells … Seeking Ethical and Effective Research.”

“Many of the news stories announcing such breakthroughs in stem cell research often note the Catholic Church’s disapproval of this work,” Fr. Gariepy said. “… Neither the research and its promises, nor the Church’s position, are as simple as often portrayed.”

Delve deeper into your faith, by reading Fr. Gariepy’s article, beginning on pg. 7, in thefall 2013 issue ofPillarsby visiting the publication section of our website. Or if you have Adobe, you candownload and save the pdf file from this page. You should then be able toopen the file in Adobe and view it as an interactive and flippable PDF version of the magazine.If you don’t have Adobe Reader,click hereto download it for free off of their website.

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