Community Engagement Day Returns To Stonehill College

Stonehill College’s Community Engagement Day took place on Monday, August 23, introducing 636 first-year students, and 12 transfer and returning second-year students to the Community Engagement Program. During the day students were rotated through the following four stations: Learn, Serve, Connect, and Reflect.

Specifically, the students were led through a poverty simulation activity to increase awareness of social justice issues at the root of service. After which, they were engaged in an indirect service project, writing more than 763 letters and notes to first-responders, those in assisted living facilities, and children receiving school supplies from School on Wheels to experience what volunteering looks like, feels like, and how it transforms.

They learned about the range of places and ways students can volunteer and get involved in the community by meeting nine of our local community partners. Lastly, they read and discussed an article in small groups to understand that service is a part of our lives and central to our mission.

Community Engagement Day has been a tradition at Stonehill College for many years. The students meet new people and gain a better understanding of how they can contribute during their time at Stonehill.

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