Following in Their Footsteps: 2011 Indiana and Eastern Jubilarians

Br Edward C Luther, CSC, 65th Anniversary of Religious Profession

Every Memorial Day Weekend, the Indiana and Eastern Provinces of the Congregation of Holy Cross celebrate the jubilees of our men reaching major anniversaries of religious profession or priestly ordination. Like Ordination Weekend, although obviously in a different way, Jubilee Weekend is a weekend of great hope for Holy Cross and the wider Church. The witness of these men who have been faithful for so many years in living out their religious vows and priestly ministries gives hope to all of us that we too, with God’s grace, may be faithful to the vocations the Lord calls us to in service of His name. This year’s class of Jubilarians, according to our blog’s count, has offered the Church and the world over 1,110 years of faithful, selfless service! While we are still working on an exclusive on tomorrow’s homily, we invite you today to join us in praying in thanksgiving for these men. As our Constitutions state, “The footsteps of those men who called us to walk in their company left deep prints, as of men carrying heavy burdens. But they did not trudge; they strode. For they had the hope.”

Sixty-Fifth Anniversary of Ordination
Rev William J Brinker, CSC and Rev Howard A Kuhns, CSC

Sixty-Fifth Anniversary of Religious Profession

Bro. Edward C. Luther, C.S.C.
-Indiana Province
Sixtieth Anniversary of Ordination

Rev. Lawrence A. LeVasseur, C.S.C.
Most Rev. Charles A. Schleck, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas C. Tallarida, C.S.C.
Rev. John V. VandenBossche, C.S.C.
-Indiana Province
Sixtieth Anniversary of Religious Profession

Bro. Herman F. Zaccarelli, C.S.C.
-Eastern Province

Fiftieth Anniversary of Ordination
Rev. Maurice E. Amen, C.S.C.
Rev. Ernest J. Bartell, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas E. Blantz, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas E. Chambers, C.S.C.
Rev. Donald F. Guertin, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas F. McNally, C.S.C.
Rev. Robert G. Simon, C.S.C.
Rev. Joseph L. Walter, C.S.C.
-Indiana Province
Rev. William G. Condon, C.S.C.
Rev. Richard J. Segreve, C.S.C.
-Eastern Province
Fiftieth Anniversary of Religious Profession

Bro. James H. Miller, C.S.C.
-Eastern Province
Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Ordination

Rev. Francis J. Murphy, C.S.C.
Rev. Thomas G. Streit, C.S.C.
Rev. Mark B. Thesing, C.S.C.
-Indiana Province

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