Fr. Fallon Celebrated for Work with Immigrants

Father Marc Fallon

Rev. Marc Fallon, C.S.C., who is celebrating 10 years working with immigrants through Catholic Social Services in New Bedford, Mass., is featured in the Jan. 6 edition of

Fr. Fallon is an advocate for immigrants, particularly those from Central America. He has helped obtain Church funding for local, immigrant-led groups, including Centro Comunitario Trabajadores and the Maya K’iche Organization. He has participated in demonstrations and pickets on behalf of immigrants and workers. Fr. Fallon also met with the local city administration about street violence against Central Americans. In addition, he supported the formation of a charismatic Catholic group to help newly arriving immigrants from falling into drugs and gangs.

“It has certainly been my pleasure and my privilege in 10 years with Catholic Social Services, to work with a variety of people (from Central America) … who have a highly developed sense of community,” said Fr. Fallon, who is known as “El Padre Marcos” by the community.

His 10-year anniversary was celebrated during a Dec. 29, 2013, Mass at St. Kilian Church, central to the city’s Mayan Indians. About 100 people attended.

Read the entire story about Fr. Fallon’s work at South Coast Today’s website.

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