Holy Cross Mission Center Encourages Twinning Program

Twinning is a response to Pope Francis’s call to create a “culture of encounter.” With Holy Cross priests and brothers ministering to communities around the world, the Twinning Program invites residence halls, student organizations, parishes, and schools in the United States to encounter Holy Cross communities on the global peripheries through prayer, fundraising, and cultural exchange opportunities.

Interested to learn more?

➡️ Set up a discovery call with our Assistant Director for Community Engagement Michael Jezewak to learn about the countries where Holy Cross serves and the ministries that are in need of support.

➡️ Select the ministry with which your residence hall or student organization would like to “Twin.”

➡️ As a community, begin to pray and fundraise for your “Twinning” partner.

➡️ Throughout the year, you’ll have the opportunity to exchange notes, pictures, and videos from your community with your “Twinning” partner.

Is your residence hall or student organization ready to “Twin”?

We can’t wait to share with you the incredible stories of hope from our international missions.

Contact us today at hcmc@holycrossusa.org.

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