ND Launches New Mobile App

ND Mobile AppThe University of Notre Dame MobileND program released a new mobile app for iOS and Android systems on April 11.

Anyone in the Notre Dame community can find helpful campus and local information easily on their mobile devices with the ND Mobile app. This free application is available through the app stores for both iOS and Android, as well as at m.nd.edu.

“Mobile is a great way for anyone at Notre Dame to have a variety of information about campus directly on their mobile device,” said Matt Willmore, MobileND program director. “The app provides an interactive campus map, dining schedules and menus, the latest social news, weather, sports highlights and more.”

Since 2011, m.nd.edu has provided a mobile-optimized website. But because most mobile users expect to be able to install an app on their devices, Willmore’s team decided to build the app. “Our goal was to build a solid platform that provides a wealth of current information to campus that could be used now and in the future,” he said.

The app also features multiple editions to present the modules users are most likely to need. Presently, students can select the “Current Students” edition to access additional content tailored to them, such as real-time washer and dryer statuses. Additional editions and modules will be available in the future.

Current highlights include dining facilities information, a campus map, social news, a Notre Dame calendar, Notre Dame video and emergency information.

Users can also change the font size to make the app easier to read. The app will automatically optimize its display for phone, tablet or desktop computer.

For additional information, go to mobile.nd.edu/app/.

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