Pillars Fall 2013 Out This Week Tackles Faith & Science

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The fall issue of the Province’s magazine, Pillars, hitting mailboxes this week tackles faith and science. Are they in conflict with one another, each discounting the other? Some say you can’t believe in both God and evolution. Or do they really coexist, like the Trinity — building upon each other and thus proving the existence of God?

True to Holy Cross, both the religious and lay authors in this latest issue of Pillars explore this topic not by just providing information, but by applying the Holy Cross education model. It’s a teaching model that scrutinizes and probes, but also inspires the heart and the mind – a process that Provincial Superior Fr. Thomas J. O’Hara calls “not just informative, but formative.”

In the article “The Catholic Church … Where Faith and Science Meet,” philosophy and theology professor at Holy Cross’ University of Portland Rev. Thomas E. Hosinski, C.S.C., provides a historical backdrop of how the Church through the centuries has grappled with scientists from Galileo to Darwin to modern day atheists. “The Church, however, has officially taught that so long as it is understood properly, there is no conflict between our religious faith and the scientific theory of evolution.” Fr. Hosinski, a theology professor at the University of Portland, guides the reader through an examination process whereby the reader discovers he can still be a Catholic faithful and cherish the beauty of science.

Delve deeper into your faith, read Fr. Hosinski’s article, beginning on pg. 3, and all the articles in the fall 2013 issue of Pillars by visiting the publication section of our website. Or if you have Adobe, you can download and save the pdf file from this page. You should then be able toopen the file in Adobe and view it as an interactive and flippable PDF version of the magazine. If you don’t have Adobe Reader, click here to download it for free off of their website.

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