Prayer for the Canonization of Blessed Basil Moreau

All Christians are called to be saints. Saints are persons in heaven (officially canonized or not) who lived heroically virtuous lives, offered their lives for others, or were martyred for the faith, and who are worthy of imitation.

In official Church procedures, there are three steps to sainthood: a candidate becomes “Venerable,” then “Blessed,” and then “Saint.” Venerable is the title given to a deceased person recognized formally by the pope as having lived a heroically virtuous life or offered their life. To be beatified and recognized as Blessed, one miracle acquired through the candidate’s intercession is required in addition to recognition of heroic virtue or offering of life. Canonization requires a second miracle after beatification. The pope may waive these requirements. A miracle is not required prior to a martyr’s beatification, but one is required before canonization.

In 1957, Basil Moreau was declared a Servant of God. On April 12, 2003, Pope John Paul II proclaimed him Venerable. Basil Moreau was beatified in Le Mans by Pope Benedict XVI on September 15, 2007, the feast day of Our Lady of Sorrows and the feast day of the Congregation of Holy Cross. Blessed Basil Moreau is commemorated on January 20.

For canonization, another miracle is needed for both Blessed martyrs and Blesseds who lived a virtuous life, attributed to the intercession of the Blessed and having occurred after his or her beatification. The methods for affirming the miracle are the same as those followed for beatification. Canonization allows for the public veneration of the Saint by the Universal Church. With canonization, the Blessed acquires the title of Saint.

Today, we pray for the canonization of Blessed Basil Moreau:

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