The Triduum and an Old Steamer Trunk

Fr Ron Raab at Saint Andre Bessette Church in Portland

Rev. Ronald Raab, C.S.C., reflects on the connection between the Triduum and an old steamer trunk he once found in storage in the old gym near Moreau Seminary in the February issue of “Ministry and Liturgy” magazine.

Almost 40 years later, Fr. Raab, pastor of Holy Cross’ Tri-Community Parish of Colorado Springs, Colo., still has the trunk and it reminds him to live a simpler, more intentional life. “I want less so I can love more,” he wrote.

The Triduum helps Fr. Raab let go of the baggage that gets in the way of his relationship with God and in his ministry.

“I am finally old enough to want to live a simpler life. I want to disregard the possessions that distract me from the real mission of Christ’s love in my life. I am a slow learner,” Fr. Raab concludes. “I am learning the wisdom of the single trunk. I come once again to the Triduum sorting out what is most important to carry on the journey for all the people with whom I serve.”

The entire reflection is available on Fr. Raab’s website.

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