World Mission Sunday

World Mission Sunday

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    “I am a mission on this Earth,” is the message Pope Francis shares with us for World Mission Sunday 2018. He is not referring only to himself or to religious, but to all believers. In his message, Pope Francis challenges us to use the gifts God has given us to joyfully share Christ’s message in attracting others to be faith-filled followers of Christ. Read the Holy Father’s message in its entirety

    World Mission Sunday 2018 will be celebrated on October 21 throughout the world and at our parishes, high schools, and at the University of Portland, University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College, Saint Mary's College, King's College, Stonehill College and St. Edward's University.

    There are many Holy Cross priests and brothers who build or follow paths to remote and impoverished areas around the globe, living out joyfully their responsibility to bear witness to the love of Christ.

    In order to engage people in cultures different than ours, we are called to spread our faith “by attraction,” as Pope Francis explains. When our hearts are full of love, and we express joy and enthusiasm in our mission, the message of Christ crosses over cultural and language barriers. People are attracted to joy. The infectious love of Holy Cross, which comes from God, compels others to desire what they see in us and to accept an invitation to follow Christ. This joy is reflected back in the faces of the people we serve.

    If we are to take the words of Pope Francis to heart, every person is a mission. We all have a reason for our lives on this earth. Being a mission gives us our purpose in the world, in whatever path we walk.

    World Mission Sunday will tell the great story of Holy Cross' international mission and raise money in support of programs for immigrants, refugees, and indigenous peoples served by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

    To make a gift in honor of World Mission Sunday, please fill out and submit the form below. You can also send a check or money order payable to "Holy Cross Mission Center" and write "World Mission Sunday" in the memo line. Checks/money orders may be mailed to: Holy Cross Mission Center P.O. Box 543 Notre Dame, IN 46556. Your support brings hope for a better future to our sisters and brothers around the world that they otherwise could not imagine. 

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