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Three Holy Cross religious arrived in Santiago in 1943 to administer Saint George’s College. They believed they were going to do university work. Little did they know that “college” actually meant a school of pre-kindergarten through 12th graders.

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Established in 1943.


Established in 1963.


Established in 1987.


Established in 1943.


Established in 1944.

Portrait of Archbishop McGrath

Notable Holy Cross Missionary in Latin America

Archbishop Marcos G. McGrath, C.S.C.

A leading figure in the Church in Latin America and a pastor at the heart of the Second Vatican Council, Archbishop McGrath was born in Panama and received his secondary education in the United States, graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 1945, and later ordained into the priesthood on June 11, 1949.

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“It is often said that you must do justice before you can speak of love, but it is also true that without love for one’s neighbor neither will I be interested in being just, and less still in sacrificing myself for him, or her.”

Archbishop Marcos Gregorio McGrath, C.S.C.

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