The Andre House Impact

A group of Holy Cross seminarians have spent part of their summer working at AndréHouse, the Holy Cross apostolate that serves the homeless in the Phoenix, Ariz., area. The Holy Cross Constitutions state: And, as in every work of our mission, we find that we ourselves stand to learn much from those whom we are called to teach.” (Constitutions 2:16) In this series of blogs, seminarian Ed Dolphin explains how he has seen those words come to life.


I have been able to step into several different roles during my first two weeks at Andre House. These roles range from washing dishes, sorting donated clothing and helping with dinner distribution. My favorite role so far has been Porter Duty, a simple assignment that includes a very wide range of tasks.

Posted by Mr. Ed Dolphin, C.S.C.

Working for God

During my first weeks at Andre House, I wondered if any of the guests noticed this sign and felt the significance of these words. Just a few days ago, I had a very special conversation with a guest that helped bring these words to life. I was at the Porter station for the early afternoon shift and had a little time to chat with the people since there was no one in line needing assistance.

Posted by Mr. Ed Dolpin, C.S.C.

Inspired by Our Guests

I can think of several other times where guests have done little things like this to help and show their appreciation at Andre House. These actions have not only helped motivate me to continue serving our guests to the best of my ability, but they have also been learning opportunities.

Posted by Mr. Ed Dolphin, C.S.C.

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