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André House Update: Summer 2021

Posted by Holy Cross Family Ministries on

André House is a ministry to the homeless and poor populations of the Phoenix area supported by staff and volunteers. Last summer the pandemic threw a wrench in their structure as it eliminated the use of their volunteer network. At the same time, they still had daily guests that were...

Serving in a Time of Pandemic - Part I

Posted by Fr. Brogan Ryan, C.S.C. on

During the pandemic André House in Phoenix, Ariz., continues to minister poor and homeless in the area. Because of concern for their volunteers, they are only operating with a core community of holy cross religious. Even though they have had to cut down on some of the services they...

Serving in a Time of Pandemic - Part II

Posted by Fr. Brogan Ryan, C.S.C. on

Our mission is the Lord’s and so is the strength for it. We turn to Him in prayer that He will clasp us more firmly to Himself and use our hands and wits to do the work that only He can do. Then our work itself becomes a prayer: a service that speaks to the Lord who works through us...

Serving in a Time of Pandemic - Part III

Posted by Fr. Brogan Ryan, C.S.C. on

And, as in every work of our mission, we find that we ourselves stand to learn much from those whom we are called to teach. (Constitution 2:16) One of the things that we as Holy Cross religious hang our hat on is our sense of hospitality. We take great pride in being able to welcome and host...


Posted by Mr. Ed Dolphin, C.S.C. on

I have been able to step into several different roles during my first two weeks at André House. These roles range from washing dishes, sorting donated clothing and helping with dinner distribution. My favorite role so far has been Porter Duty, a simple assignment that includes a very wide...

Working for God

Posted by Mr. Ed Dolphin, C.S.C. on

André House is adorned with a large sign that says, “Making God known, loved and served.” This is a familiar quotation for me, one that I first heard as a middle school student at St. Edmond’s Academy in Delaware. The Holy Cross brothers who taught and worked at the...

Inspired by Our Guests

Posted by Mr. Ed Dolphin, C.S.C. on

During the past week, I have been inspired and surprised by some of the generous and kind actions of the guests at André House. In this article, I want to share a few ways that our guests have gone out of their way to show their appreciation for everything that André House’s...

A Typical Day in Bangladesh

Posted by Mr. Parker Revers on

I participated in the Center for Social Concern’s International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) after my freshman year with the Holy Cross Mission in rural Bangladesh. HCM serves 4 parishes across the Bangladesh’s tribal diocese as well as several academic institutions...

Isn't That a Wonderful Thing?

Posted on | Mission Edition

During my time at Notre Dame, I have visited the Ugandan village of Kyarusozi three times on research grants and through Notre Dame programs.  After spending so much time in this village, I felt I knew the community intimately and was essentially an “honorary Ugandan.” ...

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