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They Say They Want to Live in America

Posted by Meghan Guilfoile on | Mission Edition

This past summer, I participated in the Center for Social Concern’s International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) to teach mathematics and Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) at a Holy Cross Secondary School. For the past two years, this school, St. Joseph’s...

Learning in Every Work of Our Mission

Posted by Rev. Bryan A. Williams, C.S.C. on | Mission Edition

Each summer during my time preparing to become a Holy Cross religious, each person in formation would visit an apostolate to live and work with the priests and brothers currently there. During these summers, some of us would lead bible studies in parishes in Portland, Ore., or Austin, Texas, or...

Truly Joyful

Posted by Mr. Benjamin Wainscott on | Mission Edition

It was the third time we had ventured out of our cozy compound in Srimangal and we were still getting our feet underneath us. With a couple of days of teaching under our belt, we were ecstatic to venture out to new destinations outside of our familiar Parish grounds. Our plan was first to visit...

Jani na: What’s in a Name?

Posted by Mr. Samuel Ufuah on | Mission Edition

The air condition was like a glass of ice cold water to my parched throat, but sleeping in itself would not be an easy task. Between bouts of unconscious haziness, I could hear the bus’s horns etching its tunes into my dreamlike state. Horns were the ultimate mode of communication on the...

We Build Together

Posted on | Mission Edition

“No one builds alone, we build together” says Fr. Basil Anthony Mary Moreau, the founder of the Congregation of Holy Cross. I came to know about Holy Cross from my uncle who is a Holy Cross priest and afterwards I went to a Catholic school run by the Holy Cross brothers. In Holy...

Stretching My Sense of Family

Posted by Ms. Maureen Schweninger on | Mission Edition

Have you ever felt at home when you were really eight thousand miles away from home? This was my experience of the Holy Cross family in Jinja, Uganda. Through Notre Dame’s International Summer Service Learning Program (ISSLP) last summer, I spent two months living at the undergraduate...

Feels Like Home

Posted by Mr. David Murray on | Moreau Seminary

As the son of a college football coach and a former student worker in the Notre Dame football recruiting office, I know what a “successful” recruiting trip is supposed to look like. The prospect is driven around campus on a golf cart to be shown all of the sights, the nicest dorms...

You are Smart. You are Kind. You are Important.

Posted by Marisa Perino on | Mission Edition

“Oli munto murungi.” You are kind. “Oli munto mugezi.” You are smart. “Oli munto womugaso.” You are important. You may recognize this quote from the movie, The Help. You may be unfamiliar, however, with the language it is in, Rutooro. Rutooro is the...

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