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Verso l'Alto

Posted by Br. James Henke, C.S.C. on | Moreau Seminary

I love rock climbing. Indoors is great; outdoors is better; but even the hallways in Moreau Seminary suffice. I wish I could describe the look I get from many people when I tell them about my passion for climbing. Many have a hard time seeing climbing as an enjoyable, healthy activity, and they...

Bread for the World

Posted by Mr. Robert Lisowski, C.S.C. on | Moreau Seminary

What does it mean to be hungry? We have all felt it, but in some ways it is difficult to describe or put into words. There is a tension in hunger, an uneasiness. For those in our world who experience daily hunger, there is pain and anguish. Our experience tells us however that hunger comes in...

Dividends Beyond Measure

Posted by MaryAnne Cappelleri, MA on | Mission Edition

Transformation. Learning about the mission of the Congregation of Holy Cross has transformed my life. Blessed Moreau’s vision of unity for his institutions and orders transitions well into my current work at Stonehill College. As a lay collaborator in the work of the mission, I see it as...

Entry Eight: Headed Home

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

As the engines roared and the plane rose above the mountains of Peru, I looked down upon Lima a final time before we climbed through the clouds. Who knows when our journeys start, where they end, and what we will learn upon the way. Our lives are a mystery before us. At times, we may think we...

Entry Seven: The Pavilion

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

The Dedication of the Father David E. Farrell, C.S.C., Pavilion was the event of the day. As we boarded the van for our trek across Lima to Canto Grande, the excitement continued to build. On Thursday, during our visit to the Fe Y Alegría School, we had a sneak preview of the brand new...

Entry Six: Something From Nothing

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

Again, we picked up our guide, Fr. David. Our first stops were to chapels. In this District, chapels evolve over time beginning with what is attainable from straw mats or sheets of corrugated plastic or tin to enduring houses of worship. While it was impressive to see the transition of...

Entry Five, Part Two: Canto Grande

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

In Lima, we were staying in Miraflores, an upscale tourist district along the coast. More than ten million people, about one-third Peruvian population live in the metropolitan Lima. Canto Grande is located in the district of San Juan Lurigancho, which is the most populated district in Peru, with...


Posted by Mr. Ricky Bevington on | Moreau Seminary

Forever. A word that I typically only think of in one of three specific contexts. First, sappy love songs in which the singer is obviously far too optimistic about a new, overly-simplified relationship. Second, the last word in the overused 2000’s acronym BFF. And third, in the movie...

Entry Five: Belonging

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

At last a morning to sleep in until 6 a.m.!  Our day today was to consist of traveling back to Lima and then visiting Canto Grande. The entourage at this point was made up of the Farrell family, six members, and Farrell friends, consisting of four members. We departed after a leisurely...

Entry Four: Machu Picchu, A Sanctuary Lost in Time

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

Often Machu Picchu is referred to as the “lost capital of the Incas.” In fact, scholars believe that it was not the capital of the Inca empire, but rather a royal estate built for Pachacutec, the victorious ruler who forged the Inca Empire during the his reign from 1438-1471. Machu...

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