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Entry Five, Part Two: Canto Grande

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

In Lima, we were staying in Miraflores, an upscale tourist district along the coast. More than ten million people, about one-third Peruvian population live in the metropolitan Lima. Canto Grande is located in the district of San Juan Lurigancho, which is the most populated district in Peru, with...


Posted by Mr. Ricky Bevington on | Moreau Seminary

Forever. A word that I typically only think of in one of three specific contexts. First, sappy love songs in which the singer is obviously far too optimistic about a new, overly-simplified relationship. Second, the last word in the overused 2000’s acronym BFF. And third, in the movie...

Entry Five: Belonging

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

At last a morning to sleep in until 6 a.m.!  Our day today was to consist of traveling back to Lima and then visiting Canto Grande. The entourage at this point was made up of the Farrell family, six members, and Farrell friends, consisting of four members. We departed after a leisurely...

Entry Four: Machu Picchu, A Sanctuary Lost in Time

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

Often Machu Picchu is referred to as the “lost capital of the Incas.” In fact, scholars believe that it was not the capital of the Inca empire, but rather a royal estate built for Pachacutec, the victorious ruler who forged the Inca Empire during the his reign from 1438-1471. Machu...

Entry Three: The Detour

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

I awoke Tuesday morning feeling much better. The intravenous fluids, the hyperbaric chamber, and the drugs worked wonders! Looking back at the previous day, I realized that I should have been more concerned. I was not. Despite my total lack of Spanish and my vulnerable condition, I was treated...

Entry Two: The Inca Capital

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

The alarm startled me from my deep sleep at 5 a.m. I realized that I was in Lima. I scrambled to get dressed and back to the airport across the street to meet my fellow travelers, the friends and family of Fr. David Farrell, C.S.C. The Farrell and friends force had arrived late the night before...

Entry One: Lima, Once Again

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

 As the plane descended through the cloud cover, large swaths of peach colored night lights illuminated the sprawling city nestled between the deep darkness of the Pacific Ocean and the rise of the Andes. I was filled with anticipation of seeing Lima once again. Seven years earlier, I made...

The Unexpected Journey

Posted by Fr. Ryan Pietrocarlo, C.S.C. on | Mission Edition

If you would have told me when I was a kid that I would live in Mexico for a whole year, I would have never believed you. I always saw myself as the homebody type – staying in the same area and never venturing out too far. That was until I entered the Congregation of Holy Cross. Holy...

What Happened Along the Way?

Posted by Stephanie Petrie on | Mission Edition

An Introduction The unforeseen happenings of our lives seem to be experiences we remember most vividly, most fondly, most accurately. These unintended journeys along the way can be characterized by humor and sorrow, can be transformational and affirming of known truths; these encounters are...

Living the Life

Posted by Office of Vocations on | Moreau Seminary

Temporarily professed seminarians, Joe Pedersen, C.S.C., and Brian Kennedy, C.S.C., each traveled away from Moreau Seminary last semester in order to spend some time in pastoral ministry. In this Spes Unica Video Blog they tell us what they were up to, and how their experiences contributed to...

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