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Entry One: Lima, Once Again

Posted by Liz Hayden on | Mission Edition

 As the plane descended through the cloud cover, large swaths of peach colored night lights illuminated the sprawling city nestled between the deep darkness of the Pacific Ocean and the rise of the Andes. I was filled with anticipation of seeing Lima once again. Seven years earlier, I made...

The Unexpected Journey

Posted by Fr. Ryan Pietrocarlo, C.S.C. on | Mission Edition

If you would have told me when I was a kid that I would live in Mexico for a whole year, I would have never believed you. I always saw myself as the homebody type – staying in the same area and never venturing out too far. That was until I entered the Congregation of Holy Cross. Holy Cross...

What Happened Along the Way?

Posted by Stephanie Petrie on | Mission Edition

An Introduction The unforeseen happenings of our lives seem to be experiences we remember most vividly, most fondly, most accurately. These unintended journeys along the way can be characterized by humor and sorrow, can be transformational and affirming of known truths; these encounters are...

Living the Life

Posted by Office of Vocations on | Moreau Seminary

Temporarily professed seminarians, Joe Pedersen, C.S.C., and Brian Kennedy, C.S.C., each traveled away from Moreau Seminary last semester in order to spend some time in pastoral ministry. In this Spes Unica Video Blog they tell us what they were up to, and how their experiences contributed to...

Taking the Leap


Posted on

Postulants Edward Dolphin and Michael Ryan were both working in the secular world when they discerned that they were called to enter Moreau Seminary. In this video blog they describe how they found the courage to take the leap in faith, and respond to God's call to take the first step.

Education in the Seminary

Posted by Office of Vocations on | Moreau Seminary

In this latest video edition of the Spes Unica Blog, seminarians Zach Rathke, C.S.C., and Tom Bodart, C.S.C., reflect on the classes that they've had the opportunity to take while studying a Moreau Seminary, and they share a few of their favorites.

Community and Prayer

Posted by Office of Vocations on | Moreau Seminary

Holy Cross Seminarians Andrew Hamaty and David Smith, C.S.C., sit down in the Moreau Seminary chapel to discuss the Liturgy of the Hours; what it is, and why it is so important to not only Holy Cross religious and seminarians, but to Catholics everywhere.

Making the Transition to Moreau Seminary

Posted by Office of Vocations on | Moreau Seminary

Nik Guiney and Colin King are both postulants at Moreau Seminary, but their roads to Moreau were very different. Nik studied in the Holy Cross undergraduate seminary at Notre Dame, and transitioned for his senior year. Colin earned his degree, and spent some time in the working world before...

Spes Unica Blog 121517

Posted on | Old College

Jacob Gorman, Johnny Ryan, and John Draves wrap up their conversation about their life in Old College, the undergraduate seminary on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. They also give a bit of advice to those considering the priesthood or religious life in Holy Cross.

Spes Unica Blog 121417

Posted on | Old College

Old Collegians John Draves and Jacob Gorman are joined in front of the camera by fellow Old Collegian, Johnny Ryan, to continue their discussion about their shared life as seminarians in the Congregation of Holy Cross. In this video they talk about the process of becoming part of Holy Cross and...

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