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Studies: An Encounter with God

Posted by Fr. Greg Haake, C.S.C. on

Today we have our second installment in our posts from our Holy Cross men in higher studies. Last month we heard from Fr. Terry Ehrman, C.S.C., who is wrapping up his Doctorate in Theology at Catholic University. This month we hear from Fr. Greg Haake, C.S.C., who is entering the second year of...

Nomads in This World

Posted by Fr. Eric Schimmel, C.S.C. on

Happy Labor Day to one and all! It seems only providential on this Labor Day that our regularly scheduled post comes to us from Fr. Eric who serves the homeless, and often jobless, at André House in Phoenix, Ariz. As in the past, Fr. Eric has produced a reflection for us that is a real...

Made Part of the Family

Posted by Mr. John Soisson on

Today we continue with our new Spes Unica series that highlights the voices of some of our amazing lay collaborators in Holy Cross. We will hear from Mr. John Soisson, the Special Assistant to the President at the University of Portland. A recipient last year of the Spirit of Holy Cross award...

Final Vows Homily: Freed for Mission

Posted by Fr. David T. Tyson, C.S.C. on

Today at 2 p.m. ET in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Mr. Matt Kuczora, C.S.C., made his final profession of religious vows in the Congregation of Holy Cross. Now he is one of the spiritual sons of Blessed Basil Moreau forever. Receiving Matt's final vows and presiding at the Mass was Fr...

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