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CSC Profile: The Million-Student Man

Posted by Fr. Joe Corpora, CSC on

Even on paper, the goal of increasing the enrollment of Latino children in Catholic schools from 250,000 to 1,000,000 seems like a pretty big undertaking, and yet that is precisely the mission of Fr. Joe Corpora, C.S.C., the Director of the Catholic School Advantage Campaign at the University of...

Advent: The day is ever nearer

Posted by Fr. Bill Wack, C.S.C. on

Today marks the beginning of the beautiful season of Advent and also a new liturgical year. To help us enter this season well, we are sharing a reflection on today's Scripture readings, taken from the book The Gift of Hope: Advent and Christmas Reflections in the Holy Cross Tradition. It was...

The Real OC: The family that eats together

Posted by Mr. John Whittaker on

Thanksgiving, perhaps more than any time of the year, is when our minds (and stomachs) turn to thoughts of meals. In our latest post giving us a glimpse into life in Old College, our undergraduate seminary, John Whittaker, shares about their tradition of Sunday meals, including a special one...

It all adds UP: The Middle Man

Posted by Fr. Charlie McCoy, C.S.C. on

One of my best friends and mentors in Holy Cross once told me that what attracted him most to our congregation was the variety of our ministries. "I knew I'd be less likely to get bored or slip into an unhealthy rut," he said with his usual matter-of-fact wisdom. Now I'm not a person for whom...

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